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4 Parts Mini Online Course

Managing Stress and Anxiety the CBT Therapy Way

Managing Stress and Anxiety With Alice Psychologist in London

Discover the 2 main factors that cause Stress and Anxiety and learn simple techniques to overcome them for good


Why you can no Longer Afford to let Stress and Anxiety Drive your Life

  1. Excessive Stress and Anxiety create Overwhelm and Exhaustion with the result of withdrawing from what is important to you in life.
  2. Excessive Stress leads to mental and physical Burn Out.
  3. Excessive Anxiety is scientifically proven to limit your life in terms of personal and professional achievements.
  4. Perfectionism is well known for being the mail reason why people fail in achieving what they want in life.


You can learn to overcome all of these for good with this short and intense CBT course.

Evidence based psychological techniques such as Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT) are the most effective fastest way to create and live a meaningful and successful life.

In this CBT course you will learn

1. What is stress and how to reduce it in half, so that you can be more productive during the day and sleep better at night.

2. What is anxiety and how to manage it, so that you can move forward towards what is important to you in life.

3. Why anxiety is a healthy helpful emotion and how to make the most of it: A little anxiety improve performance!

4. Why perfectionism is you enemy and what to do about it, so that it doesn’t block you anymore.


Why to choose our course?

This Course Is Unlike Other Online Course Which Only Focuses On Mindset And Motivation

In our Managing Stress and Anxiety the CBT way, you will learn from a real psychologist practical psychological techniques that you can use straight away and that are scientifically proven to help you to take control of your spiralling thoughts and to identify and change unhelpful behaviours.


This is What you will Get

Managing Stress and Anxiety the CBT way is a step-by-step video training online course that walks you through the scientifically proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy aka CBT therpay technique you can use to manage stress and to make the most of a little anxiety.

A little anxiety keeps us on our toes and improve our performance.

With this online course you will learn to make the most of its empowering quality while preventing it becoming so high that become paralysing.


· 24/7 instant access

· Step-by-Step guide and practical exercises

· Early Bird discount on future courses

Video 1

Overcoming perfectionism

Discover why perfectionism is your enemy and how to become more effective and efficient with the 80-20 rule.

Video 2

Managing stress

Lear what CBT is and how to use it to reduce Stress.

Video 3

Worrying VS Problem Solving

Lear what Mindfulness is and how to use it to reduce worries.

Video 4

Managing Anxiety

Learn why anxiety is a healthy, helpful emotion and how to make the most of it to reach your life goals.


One live group call with Psychologist Alice Fiorica to answer all your questions.

Hear it from Who has Done it With Alice

Alice's course is highly practical and really easy to understand. The fact that she explains everything so clearly makes the whole process so reassuring that watching her talking is already a treatment against anxiety. I've learned a lot from her, and I'm using her tools even now that I have completed the course. Thank you, Alice.


-Gloria S. 33 yo.

This course has been an eye-opener for me.

I used to say I was stressed and felt drained but I never really looked at the roots of this stress.

I thought it was just all the busy routine and work, but thanks to this course I understood it was because I never put myself first, I never said no even what I wanted to, and I always worked more than required.

Obviously these behaviours caused me to feel drained and tired almost all the time.

I feel really empowered after this course because now I have the instruments to look at my worries in a different way, to let them go and focus on my current life.


-V.C. 34 yo.

Stress and anxiety are one of the main reasons people don’t progress in life.

Can you really afford not to get the best of them?

Transform your life by Managing your Stress and Anxiety the CBT way


Become a conscious action-taker by overcoming perfectionism, so that you can get where you want to go in life


Stop the constant spinning of your mind by letting go of worries, so the you can sleep better, think clearer & live the life you want


Cut your stress in half with mindfulness, so that you can become more effective and efficient


Step out of your comfort zone in a safe and controlled way, so that you can live purpose driven life


Meet Your Trainer


Psychologist & CBT Therapist

Alice is a Psychologist, CBT Therapists, ACT Therapist and a Mindfulness teacher with over 20 years of experience in working both privately and for the National Health Service.

She is the founder of Crossroads Psychology, a clinic that works in London and Online.

She firmly believes in the power of Psycho-education and in giving everyone the psychological tools they need to live a fulfilling life.

She specialises in anxiety disorders, stress management & perfectionism as well as in the treatment of depression & bipolar disorder

How Much Does It Cost?

'Managing stress and Anxiety the CBT way’

Course and Workbook

Now ONLY £99

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When and Where is the course?

The course is online and it is pre-recorded. You can access it at any time and from any place that suits you.

+ What if I have questions after watching the course?

I hope you will have questions, it means you paid attention! Please post your question to our social media page and I will answer them.

The live call will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch it at a time that suits you. But you can also always email me and I’ll do my best to answer.

+ How can a course help? I need one to one.

In this course you will get all the learning and exercises that are included in a full course of CBT therapy for Stress and Anxiety.

Research has shown that psycho-education is very effective in reducing symptoms of Stress and Anxiety and if, after watching the videos, you still feel you need one to one support I will be happy to see you at my clinic www.crossroadspsychology.co.uk